Cura (2020) Finance Management Ltd is engaged in investment marketing, not in investment advisory, as defined by Regulation of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 1995.

The company is affiliated with several Financial Institutions, and may be entitled to receive commissions if their products are sold to the clients. If Cura should receive remuneration from a Financial Institution or Bank, this remuneration will be remitted, in full, to the Client. Cura is affiliated with the following Financial Institutions:

Pagaya, Diamond Capital, Glide – Smart Life, Yellow River Delta Fund, RPS Alfa Beta, Kai Capital, Total Hedge Fund, 1L More, Fimi, ION Tech Fund, Vertical, Credit Suisse Bank, Fenix – KYC,  Var Capital, BSP, Accumulus, ION Israeli Fund.

Cura may prefer the above mentioned corporations’ financial assets over other financial assets that are similarly suitable for the client and to which Cura is not affiliate.

The information presented in this website is general, for informative purposes only, and should not to be considered as a substitute for personalized advisory and/or marketing, taking into account data and special needs of any person.